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It’s important to choose a broker-dealer and RIA that can provide you with the time, resources, and customized solutions that you need. At Brokers Financial, we offer our partnered advisors flexible investment solutions and personalized service. More importantly, we offer a partnership that’s built on trust and centered on helping your firm and your clients meet financial goals.

Why Choose Brokers Financial?

Brokers Financial is the chosen partner for over 200 advisors, and we currently hold over $3 billion in assets under management for our representatives and their clients. Advisors around the country trust us to effectively manage their clients’ assets with the same level of care and commitment that you would show. As a financial services firm, we offer a level of service and partnership that is difficult to find anywhere else.

When you work with Brokers Financial, you’ll get:

  • Options of how to partner with us, including as a FINRA-registered representative, an investment advisor representative, or a dually registered representative and investment advisor representative.
  • Low fee structure and generous weekly payouts that range from 70% to 92%.
  • Freedom and independence to continue running your business as you see fit. Choose from a wide variety of products, including independent and proprietary options, to help meet your clients’ individual needs.
  • Case and sales support from a dedicated team with decades of experience.
  • Dedicated transition support through our step-by-step onboarding program.

Brokers Financial is more than a broker-dealer, and we’re more than an RIA. We’re a partner you can trust to do what’s best for your firm and your needs, as well as for your clients and their needs.

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Is your firm ready to start working with a new partner that can offer you more and simplify asset management for your firm? Contact us today to begin transitioning your book of business. We’ll provide you with full support to make the process easier and ensure a smooth transition.


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